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From QB to Legend

Nasir Jones, known to many as Nasty Nas or simply Nas, stands as a testament to the evolution of rap and the artistry within it.

Since the 90’s, Nas’ lyrical prowess and ability to vividly paint pictures through his verses have left an indelible mark on the genre. In the vast spectrum of his discography, there’s a track that encapsulates the essence of the chip-toothed, 1993 Nas—the Nas we all fell in love with. This song takes us on a journey, resonating with the melodic craft we’ve come to associate with Nas, an ode to his legacy.

King Wave

The song, in its poetic narrative, chronicles the first encounters individuals had with Nas’s music, capturing the essence of discovery and the impact it had on them. It’s more than just a recounting of moments; it’s a shared experience, relatable to anyone who’s ever been introduced to a new artist or a life-changing piece of music.

From the gut-rot liquor-fueled early listens on two-five to the imprint left by his lyrics describing vivid hood realities, Nas’s impact is portrayed as deeply personal. The reminiscing takes us through various scenarios—a brother’s introduction, a club DJ spinning his tunes, or a chance encounter with a FUBU-clad fan affirming the timelessness of “Halftime.”

This track not only celebrates Nas’s musical journey but also sheds light on his resilience amidst life’s challenges. Balancing his rise in the music industry while navigating the pressures of a different kind, Nas’s narrative is one of triumph against adversities, juggling Columbia Records while confronting the shadows of Colombia’s jungles.

It’s an anthem for authentic rap enthusiasts, addressing misconceptions about beat selection and the artistry behind Nas’s choices. The track boldly asserts Nas’s ongoing dedication to his craft, challenging the notions that attempt to undermine his consistency and creativity.

nas, timeless

Nas’s lyrical finesse unveils his musical influences—Wayne, G, Dre, and himself—reflecting on the era of Kendrick’s arrival and the impact it had on the rap landscape. He reminisces about his encounters with other iconic artists like Biggie, Pac, and Slick Rick, inviting listeners to recall their own pivotal moments discovering these legends.

This song speaks volumes not just to devoted hip-hop fans but to music enthusiasts across genres. It encapsulates the universal experience of discovering an artist for the first time, instantly or over time, becoming a source of inspiration and admiration.

In essence, Nas’s legacy transcends eras. His influence remains as potent today as it was when he first emerged onto the scene. This track serves as a testament to Nas’s artistry, affirming his status as a timeless icon in the realm of rap and music as a whole. It’s a masterpiece that true connoisseurs of music can appreciate, paying homage to Nas’s profound impact on the culture.


Nas’s journey is not just about the past; it’s a continuing saga, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to shape the future of rap.

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