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Recently, there has been a wave of public outrage over Usher’s supposedly sexualized dance with Alicia Keyes. However, amidst the uproar, it seems that three crucial points are being overlooked.

Let’s take a closer look at these overlooked aspects and question why people are so quick to judge.


1. Usher’s Evolution

Many people are quick to criticize Usher, citing his lyrics from the past as evidence of his questionable behavior. Yes, Usher once sang, “Don’t leave your girl ’round me, player for real.” But let’s not forget that those words are from a bygone era, and since then, Usher has retired those sentiments.


Usher has obtained his marriage license and is now in a committed relationship with Jennifer Goicoechea. If his partner is secure in his performance and supports him, why should we be concerned?

It’s essential to recognize that people grow and evolve, leaving behind the mistakes of their past. Let’s give Usher the benefit of the doubt and focus on the present.

2. The Swizz and Alicia Keyes Saga


It’s easy to point fingers at Usher and Alicia Keyes without considering the circumstances surrounding their relationship. Let’s not forget that Alicia Keyes and Swizz Beatz got together while he was still married to his then-wife, Mashonda.

The pain and confusion caused by Alicia’s involvement in the breakup of the Dean family should not be overlooked. However, it seems that people are conveniently ignoring this fact and directing their anger solely towards Usher and Alicia Keyes.

Swizz also gave his 2 cents and made it a laughable matter, he knows his wife is in show biz as to him, there is so much chatter going on with individuals that have no nickel in their dime!


We must remember that relationships are complex, and it is not our place to judge the choices and actions of others. If the parties involved have moved on and found happiness, who are we to hold onto resentment?

3. It’s Just Entertainment

At the end of the day, what Usher and Alicia Keyes did was simply a performance. It was a display of their talent and artistry, designed to entertain the audience.

We have seen countless movies with loyal husbands and wives engaging in on-screen intimacy, yet we don’t bat an eye. So why the double standard?

The outrage and focus on this particular incident suggest that those who are fixated on it may have their own unresolved issues or insecurities. It’s important to remember that entertainment is meant to provoke emotions, and sometimes that includes discomfort. Instead of projecting your baggage onto others, let’s take a step back and evaluate our own lives.


In conclusion, the public outrage surrounding Usher and Alicia Keyes’ performance is disproportionate and hypocritical.

We should not judge Usher based on his past lyrics, and actions, but rather focus on his growth and commitment to his current relationship. Similarly, we should not solely blame Alicia Keyes for the breakdown of the Dean family, as relationships are complex and multifaceted.

Lastly, let’s remember that what we witnessed was a performance, meant to entertain and evoke emotions.

It’s time to move past the double standards and redirect our attention to more important matters. What are your thoughts?

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