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It seems that Future Zaire being Labeled as Russells’ Son Sadly Brings up Unaddressed Childhood Traumas

Russell stays in Future and his crew’s mouth, and lives rent-free in their heads. Kenneth Edward Rashaad Bailey, known professionally as Young Scooter, an Atlanta Rapper, Bailey has known Future since they were children.

Though his music is not as fluid as his friend Future, his tweet is certainly going viral which invokes the question of why men who have positive role models in their ESTRANGED children’s lives are knocked and trolled.

This post in particular on X did not age well for him, this one however kinda supports what he tweeted, making him look like a hyprocrite:


As of today, Future is a father to several children from different relationships. Future has a total of 8 children from 8 different mothers and 1 adopted son as of 15, and he plays little to no role in most of them.

SO why is it a problem that Russell is helping Ciara with this same “concern” Scoot Scoot had?

Future labels most of the mothers of his children as “chicken heads” “groupies”, and names that WE won’t even repeat which is egregious.

One of the most infamous “baby mammas” as he would call them, is singer, model, and business owner Ciara, otherwise known as “Mrs. WIlson”

When Ciara and Future met, it indeed was at a low point in Ciaras’ life, she mentions how she was in a space where feeling loved literally by someone made her feel special and on top of the World.

She and Nayvadius DeMun decided to do a “thang” in 2012 and got engaged in 2013 during the singer’s birthday weekend. They had their first son, Zaire, in 2014 but ended their relationship that same year

Time goes by, and then the infamous Prayer of Ciara was put into the atmosphere with her song with Summer Walker… and the rest is history:

Jesus, I need you. I don’t fully understand everything right now, but I know you have great plans for me. I’m hurting, but there’s purpose in my pain.

I need you. I need you to restore my faith in love, give me strength. I know I can’t do it all on my own, I’m tired, I don’t wanna hurt no more, I don’t wanna feel like this ever again.

Thank you for hearing my cry, thank you for hearing my heart, I know you’ll do what’s right with it. Thank you for never judging me.

I’m broken but I’m beautifully broken. I know you will help me put all the right pieces together. I know my pain is not in vain.

I know that my baby is the most precious gift you’ve given me in lifе, and I thank you for that, thank you. Cover and protect us, Lord. I pray the nеxt man of my life will be my husband.

I pray he loves me, leads me, guides me, reassures me, I pray that he holds me, I pray that I have everything I want and need in him. I pray he will love me the way you love me.

Your love is unconditional. You are the way, the truth and the life, in you, there’s hope. Lord, you say “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy”,

I believe in this pure love, this is what I want. Lord, thank you for reminding me who I am, I am a queen, I deserve to be treated like one. I’m a warrior, I will get up.

I’m a child of God, I’m everything you say I am. I’m an overcomer, I’m built for this. Lord, I’m ready, in Jesus name, Amen

Enters Russell Wilson, star Quarterback of then the Seattle Seahawks.

A year after meeting, Wilson proposed to Ciara while they were on a trip in the Seychelles with a 16-carat custom diamond ring, according to Us Weekly. “She said Yes!!! Since Day 1 I knew you were the one


Future who is obviously bothered by the love his ex found had so many instances, where DangeRUSS rented free space in his head:

“He do exactly what she tell him to do. He not being a man in that position,” he said during his interview with Beats 1 Radio. “You not tellin’ her, ‘Bro, chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!'”

In his featuring verse on Quavo’s new song “Turn Yo Clic Up,” Future raps, “I got it out the field / F—k Russell.” This is an apparent reference to NFL player Russell Wilson, who is currently married to Future’s ex-fiancée, Ciara

“Of course I wouldn’t want anyone to push my son. That’s like the number one rule. If I was a kid, and my mom had a dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the s— out of him. You never do that in our community. You don’t even bring a man around your son. You only know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid? Who does that? Nobody does that,” Future said.

funny thing is, Past…oops Future continues, while Russell steps up to raise those babies. He has numerous children with multiple women who are around different women– the same Future blasted Russell for.

So why are people, men in particular so bothered that the World is referring to Future Zaire as Russell Wilsons’ son?

He and Ciara are happily married, and Zaire is being reared and loved by Russell, so what is the problem? Back to Young Scooter.

Young Scooter took it upon himself to “correct” ESPN and others that Russell is not the father (not that they even care about what he says) and in his honor to Future, hyped up comments from unhealed men who agreed with him, calling women who agreed “bitter” and men “simps”


One social media user commented:

So wait! You can be a non-existent, deadbeat dad, providing no financial, emotional, or paternal support, and because he donated sperm he’s the pappi, and NOT the man who is responsible for him and raising him as his own??

Outside of conceiving this child, what had Future done for him? Real talk?

Russell even told Future to keep his little coins, they don’t need them, as a response to Ciara fighting for child support and some visitation from Zaire’s “father”.

The sad thing is, that Future continues to impregnate women with no consequences or regard.

So what is the trauma behind it, there are so many nuances that cause men to be so bothered when other men step up for a child and raise them as their own.

The phenomenon of men fathering multiple children, sometimes discreetly due to undisclosed relationships or sexuality, and subsequently neglecting their paternal duties spans across various socio-economic backgrounds, including those in higher income brackets.

This behavior is deeply rooted in complex social, psychological, and cultural dynamics. Could it be that these triggered men watched their own mothers suffer, and struggle with no man to help them?

Or maybe THEIR father or men in their lives did not step up, and ridicule men who did; or, THEY are the ones who abandoned their child, and cannot stand to see another man do what they cannot do?


Statistically, a significant portion of men, regardless of their financial standing, may fall short in providing necessary emotional, financial, or supportive roles in their children’s lives.

Surveys indicate that nearly 30% of fathers across different income levels have minimal to no involvement in their children’s daily lives.

This disengagement is not confined to any one demographic but is a widespread issue that affects families across the board.

The societal expectation that paternity is established merely through biological contribution, without the accompanying responsibilities, is a reflection of deeply ingrained gender roles.

Despite the changing dynamics of modern parenting, a Pew Research Center survey found that nearly 50% of respondents still adhere to traditional views of fatherhood, where financial provision is emphasized over nurturing roles.

Men like Russell who willingly step into the role of caregiver for children not biologically theirs are demonstrating nurturing behaviors that challenge traditional masculinity norms.

These individuals often provide crucial emotional support and stability, embodying the role of active participants in the child’s upbringing.

However, this act of stepping up can sometimes provoke negative reactions from the biological fathers, who may perceive it as a direct challenge to their identity or an exposition of their failures.

Research suggests that negative reactions from biological fathers towards men who take on a paternal role can also stem from deeper, personal reflections on their own inadequacies or unresolved issues from their childhood.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that approximately 60% of absentee fathers report experiencing guilt and conflict, which can be exacerbated when another man assumes the parental role they have vacated.

Moreover, men in higher income brackets are not immune to these dynamics. Despite having the means to provide support, a survey by the National Fatherhood Initiative revealed that 25% of affluent fathers have limited engagement in their children’s lives, pointing to the fact that financial capability does not necessarily equate to emotional availability or parental involvement.

Men who embrace the role of nurturers by raising children not biologically theirs often encounter resistance due to societal stereotypes that equate masculinity with dominance and emotional reserve.

Yet, their contributions are invaluable, offering models of compassion, stability, and responsible manhood.


Addressing this issue requires a cultural shift towards valuing emotional connection and active parenting equally with financial provision.

It also calls for recognizing and supporting the diverse forms of family structures and the various roles individuals play in raising the next generation.

This being said, those who feel that Ciara and Russell are in the wrong for allowing Zaire to refer to Russell as his dad, or putting false narratives that Ciara and Russell are MAKING him call him dad, need to dig deep into their own lives and heal…

There is nothing wrong with a little boy finding love and safety in a man who is married to his mother, and is the paternal figure in his life, especially when his sperm donor is nowhere to be found–or contributes to his upbringing in ANY shape, form or fashion.

It also goes to prove, that when a woman realizes her worth, loves herself wholeheartedly, allowing a man to love her right, she too can change and be something extra amazing!


Tell us your thoughts. Do you think that Scooter and Future are wrong, or Ciara and Russell and why?

#Sources X, IG, Pew Research Center, &, American Psychological Association


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