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Examining the Recent Lawsuits and Diddy’s Response

According to a report published by Rolling Stone on December 6th, Diddy and former Bad Boy Entertainment President Harve Pierre, along with an unidentified third individual, have been named as defendants in a new lawsuit.

The disturbing allegations in the lawsuit accuse the hip-hop mogul and his associates of trafficking a 17-year-old high school student across state lines and sexually assaulting her in 2003.


The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, recounts that she was approached by Harve Pierre one night while she was with a friend at a venue in Detroit two decades ago. Allegedly, Pierre informed the young lady that Diddy would like to meet her and then connected her with Puff, who invited her to join a private jet bound for New York City.

Following the phone call, the lawsuit claims that Pierre took the girl to the restroom of the Detroit establishment, where he allegedly engaged in drug use and forced her into non-consensual sexual activity.

She was subsequently flown to New Jersey and then transported to Daddy’s House, Diddy’s recording studio in Manhattan. While inside, the then-17-year-old girl alleges that she was given significant amounts of drugs and alcohol.

As she became intoxicated and her vision blurred, the lawsuit asserts that Diddy took her to the studio’s bathroom, undressed her, and sexually assaulted her against a sink.

The teenager states that as she drifted in and out of consciousness, she looked in the mirror and saw an unidentified third man also sexually assaulting her, with Diddy observing the situation from a nearby chair.

The woman claims that despite her pleas to stop, the third man continued the assault. Harve Pierre then allegedly entered the bathroom and forced non-consensual sexual activity on her, both vaginally and orally.


The 14-page lawsuit reportedly includes several photos of the woman and Diddy that are believed to have been taken on the night of the assault.

In response to the recent lawsuits and sexual assault allegations, Diddy released a statement via Instagram, stating that he did not commit the alleged acts and vowing to defend his name, family, and the truth.

This lawsuit represents the fourth instance of sexual assault accusations against Diddy in the three weeks following similar allegations made by his former girlfriend, Cassie, on November 16th. It’s worth noting that Diddy settled with Cassie outside of court within 24 hours of the lawsuit being filed.

Additionally, on November 22nd, former Bad Boy Entertainment President Harve Pierre faced a lawsuit of his own regarding the alleged sexual assault of a former personal assistant.


Mark Curry, a former Bad Boy rapper known for his 2009 exposé on Sean “Diddy” Combs titled “Dancing With The Devil,” recently disclosed additional revelations from his tenure at Bad Boy Entertainment during an interview with the YouTube channel Art of Dialogue.

While Curry’s book previously accused Combs of exploitative business practices, his recent statements contain allegations that were omitted from the book’s pages.

In video clips uploaded to YouTube, Curry asserts that Diddy was involved in an incident where he allegedly broke his then-girlfriend Kim Porter’s nose during an altercation on a yacht.

Additionally, Curry claims that Diddy once physically attacked a producer with a chair after overhearing a phone conversation between the producer and Porter, suggesting that Diddy had wiretapped the call. Furthermore, Curry asserts that he witnessed Diddy spiking women’s drinks in a nightclub.

What’s particularly disconcerting is that Curry implies he continued to associate with Diddy even after witnessing such disturbing behavior.


Curry now joins a growing list of individuals, including Diddy’s former bodyguards Gene Deal and Roger Bonds, who have recently decided to share their experiences with Diddy following the emergence of lawsuits against him.

These accounts not only tarnish Diddy’s reputation but also prompt questions regarding why these individuals maintained connections with Diddy despite allegations of misconduct.

Diddy has been confronted with three lawsuits alleging sexual violence and abuse. One of these lawsuits, filed by his longtime girlfriend and Bad Boy signee Cassie, alleges rape, assault, and coerced sexual acts involving male sex workers.

Another lawsuit, filed by an individual identified as “Jane Doe,” claims that in 1991, Diddy drugged, raped, and filmed her assault, subsequently showing the tape to others.

A third lawsuit alleges that Diddy and R&B artist Aaron Hall took turns sexually assaulting two women in the 1990s, with Diddy later assaulting one of the victims at her residence.


Cassie’s lawsuit listed Diddy’s business entities, including Bad Boy Records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Epic Records, and Combs Enterprises, as defendants.

The lawsuit was settled within 24 hours, with Diddy’s legal team emphasizing that the settlement did not imply admission of guilt. Diddy has temporarily stepped down from his role as chairman of Revolt, his entertainment platform, and his future as a brand ambassador for alcohol companies is in jeopardy.

These allegations have placed his empire in jeopardy.

These accusations against Diddy are not novel. Former Bad Boy artist Mase previously criticized Diddy’s business practices in 2019. Furthermore, claims of physical abuse have been made by individuals such as Gina Huynh and Misa Hylton, though these allegations did not garner as much attention as the recent lawsuits.

These lawsuits were filed shortly before the New York State Survivors Act’s statute of limitations on civil suits involving sexual misconduct was set to expire.


The recent accounts from Curry, Deal, and Bonds underscore how influential figures accused of misconduct can be shielded by a network of individuals who choose to turn a blind eye.

This pattern has been observed in other high-profile cases, including those of R. Kelly and Afrika Bambaataa. The narratives shared by these individuals further tarnish Diddy’s image and suggest that his empire may be on the verge of unraveling.

It is crucial to recognize that the women who have bravely come forward to share their traumatic experiences are the driving force behind this reckoning, not the enablers who remained silent for years.

While these individuals may be disclosing their truths, others are beginning to gain the courage to come out with theres. WOW!

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