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Nicki has a 72hr MELTDOWN Over Megans “Hiss”

Nicki has lost her rabbit-ass mind! It’s the latest shock wave to hit the music industry: Nicki Minaj, a name once synonymous with musical prowess and captivating performances, is now facing severe backlash from her once loyal fan base.

The cause? A public feud and a poorly received diss track that is making waves for all the wrong reasons.


The Feud Unfolds: Big Foot Lying

Tension took center stage when Minaj launched her song ‘Big Foot Lying.’ It didn’t take long for fans and industry insiders to recognize the track as a direct hit against fellow rap sensation Megan Thee Stallion, marking a new low in their rocky rapport.

The anticipated fiery lyrics, brimming with accusations of deceit, were nothing short of a FLOP and a huge disappointment having Barbs question her ability to hold her own these days. Rather than resolving their differences, this bitter track only added fuel to their escalating feud, resulting in a very public, very heated 48-hour meltdown by Minaj.


The Underlying Motive: A Possible Explanation

The burning question on everyone’s mind is: why would an artist of Minaj’s once stature, continuously stoop to such a level and release a track filled with such vitriol? Could there be an underlying motive that drove Minaj to create this divisive track?


A common theory suggests that it’s a counterattack against Megan Thee Stallion’s song ‘Hiss.’ This piece includes veiled references to Minaj’s husband’s infamous criminal past. The much-debated issue of Minaj’s spouse being a registered sex offender is no stranger to public scrutiny.

Not to mention, Nicki has been passed over on awards and opportunities over and over and over again…, Cardi had Pepsi and dozens of magazines, and not Megs as the face of Planet Fitness and magazines as well, could it be the feeling of being left out? Fans of Megs say that she is bitter AF because no one wants her on their brand, a notable one at least.


It appears that Stallion’s sly reference might have stirred the hornet’s nest, pushing Minaj beyond the brink of her tolerance. Her song, thanks to Nickis’ 72 manic behavior rose to #1 and #2 of ALL time!

DJs and others are asking “where’s big foot at…”?


Fan Reaction: A Shift in Loyalty

In an unexpected twist, the audience’s reaction to Minaj’s public meltdown has not been one of solidarity, but rather disappointment. Fans, who once reveled in her every word and lyric, are now openly criticizing Minaj’s actions.

The once-loyal fandom is shifting, as many have taken to social media to express their discontent. The public sphere is buzzing with disappointment, with many fans choosing to shift their support towards Stallion.

There’s a palpable sense of betrayal felt by her followers, many of whom looked up to Minaj as an icon of female empowerment.

Collectively, there is sheer disappointment is compounded by their belief in Minaj’s failure to live up to her self-proclaimed role as a champion of women’s rights. This unexpected shift in loyalty with the Barbs has shaken the fan base, revealing a divide that may be tough for Minaj to mend.


The Irony: Minaj’s Hypocrisy Unveiled

Ironically, Nicki has previously portrayed herself as an advocate for women, taking stands to empower and uplift her fellow females in the industry. However, her recent actions, specifically her public attack against another woman in the same industry, leave many questioning the authenticity of her past claims.

This perceived inconsistency between her words and actions puts her in the spotlight, not as an inspiration of empowerment, but as a symbol of hypocrisy. The backlash isn’t just about the feud or the diss track; it’s about Minaj, the role model who seemed to turn her back on her own principles.


The uproar among fans and observers alike suggests that her actions have not just damaged her image, but also undermined the credibility of her past stance on women’s empowerment. This revelation has left a sour taste and spurred a wider conversation about the genuine integrity of her advocacy.

The Aftermath: A Damaged Reputation

As the dust settles on this feud, Nicki’s reputation has been considerably tarnished. Instead of the customary reverence, she is now on the receiving end of scorn and disillusionment from fans who once held her on a pedestal.


The mishandled public spat and the contentious track has swayed public opinion against her. This has caused a paradigm shift within her fandom, with a significant number gravitating towards Stallion’s corner.

The impact has been profound – the revered rapper, once held in high esteem, now faces a credibility crisis.


Nicki and her actions have led to a powerful blow to her image, a blow that might take time and effort to recover from. Minaj is now left to navigate the aftermath, hoping to salvage what’s left of her reputation amidst the debris of a feud gone sour.

The fallout is clear – Nicki has a long road ahead to regain the trust and adoration of her disappointed fans. Wheeew chal’e, what are your thoughts?

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