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What was once seen as innocent and charming has now become an annoyance for some, especially when it comes to the NFL.

Over the years, Taylor Swift has cultivated a wholesome, apple pie persona that has won over millions of fans around the world. But lately, that image seems to have taken a turn for the worse.


It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a huge draw when it comes to live performances. Her concerts sell out in minutes, and her fans are some of the most dedicated in the industry. So, it’s no surprise that the NFL saw an opportunity to capitalize on her popularity by incorporating her into their games.

But what started as a seemingly innocuous “Taylor Swift show” has turned into something much more calculated. The games have become less about the sport and more about the spectacle.

It’s as if the NFL has transformed into a fan club, with Taylor Swift as its president.

Some onlookers have even gone so far as to suggest that the games are rigged to enhance Taylor’s performances and boost ticket sales. They believe that every play, every touchdown, and every penalty is carefully orchestrated to create the perfect backdrop for a Taylor surprise halftime show.


While it’s unlikely that the NFL is actually rigging games for the sole purpose of promoting Taylor Swift, it’s hard to deny that her presence has had a significant impact on the overall experience.

The focus has shifted from the players and the competition, they haven’t even given notable wives of other players nearly as much camera time as Swift, and they are only a few months into this relationship.

But is this really what the NFL should be about? Shouldn’t the focus be on the game itself, the athleticism, and the thrill of competition?

It seems that in their quest for higher ratings and bigger profits, the NFL has lost sight of what truly matters.

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It has been predicted that somehow, some way, Swift will end up on the NFL stage as a “surprise” performer of some sort. Fans are praying not, some are also concerned that this “romance” is not what we think it is; because Kelce is still recovering from his last public relationship

People were confused with Kelce and Kayla split (again) because they looked like they were trying, and it did not look forced as this “Swift” transition to the new. Kayla is no stranger to tweeting her feelings about her now ex, leaving fans wondering just how REAL is this Taylor thing

When you and your ex broke up 5 months ago but you find out via social media that he’s supposedly been in another relationship for 6…

Kayla Nicole

Kelce has never confirmed or denied the accusations.

Ultimately, it’s up to the fans to decide what they want from the NFL. If they’re happy with the Taylor Swift show, then so be it. But if they long for a return to the days when the game itself was the main attraction, then perhaps it’s time for the NFL to reevaluate its priorities.


After all, football is a sport that brings people together. It’s a chance to escape from the chaos of everyday life and cheer for your favorite team.

Let’s not let the Taylor Swift effect overshadow what truly matters: the love of the game.

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